I was born in Cardiff but brought up in St Ives in Cornwall. As you can imagine, living in St Ives has had a profound effect on me and my work, the landscape, the sea and coming into contact with art and artists of the area. I later moved to Cheltenham where I did my Foundation course in Art and Design, then on to Leicester to complete my BA Hons degree in Fine Art. Following that I completed a PGCE in Brighton and started teaching students from Secondary School to Degree.

I want to convey in my work a sense of the landscape, letting the viewer experience the whole by articulating the space in my work with elements I find there, from fencing to feeding troughs. I use a variety of materials in my work, at the moment concentrating on oil based media, I find the colour and richness of surface I can generate really exciting. There’s just not enough time in the day to get my ideas down.

I have always used my sketchbook as a place to think and note down my ideas, later developing them into my paintings. Drawing has always played a large part in my working methodology, a very physical activity with many parallels with the landscape.

Karen Clarke - May 2011